Mercurii admiratio

I can’t get back to sleep. I’ll try napping later.

Challenge prompts
Challenge prompt. I like the two above.

Not everyone queer needs a flag to feel equal or empowered.

🇨🇦 my only flag… maybe this one🏴‍☠️

I don’t always see eye to eye with Mark but I support independent journalism. He’s a good man.
I keep getting mixed reviews about the AI art.

Mostly people want to see me naked instead of AI art.

Tough. This is what I am enjoying.

After years in porn it’s alot of work to get set up to film. Makeup, lighting, camera action.

Some guys don’t care. They don’t care about the bling. They don’t understand I hate seeing videos of myself like that. They love the natural. I don’t even want to look at myself without good lighting.

The only person I’m catfishing is myself.

A friend said don’t burn yourself out. I have a week I’m taking it easy, a job interview Friday. This is a break. I might not have much time with my new job. I’ll still be posting daily.

Oh back to commuting. Bloody hell.

I made over 200 erotic AI photos last night.

Victoria is so damn expensive. It’s not fair.

This is almost the cost of my rent for a year. A whole house with a yard. Victoria is brutal.

$254 mortgage 😭😭😭

I know it would be an investment to fix up but to even get into the market seems like an impossible dream here.

I hate this bitch. #FreelandMustGo

I won’t say the exact prompt but what I asked is “if artificial intelligence is a boy or a girl and what it thought it looked like”

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