Sunt cognati mihi

Are you kidding me 😡🤬😵

I thought my tuition went out of my account last night….

Well no, Penn Foster got one of my tuition payments but I’m still missing one 🤬

I don’t need this right now. I already think they double charged me last month.

I emailed this time.  The past times I’ve called the women have been, how should I say… probably working on their nails in the office more than the student accounts.

I’m sure they look fabulous, meanwhile my account is a mess. I went to log in today and it’s still messed up.

I’ve been trying to get this fixed for two months now.

I think once the students settle in I’ll talk to UVic. They have distance programs.

At least with UVic I can get a student loan to help cover tuition.

This is so fucked.

He is the problem.


I still have the hardest time making me blonde 😂

Here’s a list of all the restaurants that have opened or closed in Victoria so far this year

This will be so damn hard to make animation out of

I can’t show some of the images on my regular post😉👯

Absolutely 💯

Meanwhile in Chinada 🇨🇦🤦

No, he’s be honest about his bad behaviour in the past and Katy Perry ain’t no angel.

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