My first print shop

Cook Design Studios…What a mess

It was amazing to work for them. It was one of the biggest shops at the time. Burchard Gardens, BC Ferries… I know we did other cool things. 

It sounds so weird when I tell stories that I can’t believe it. It’s part of Victoria history… but wow. Workplaces don’t exist like that anymore, mostly because Canada tries to avoid sweatshops. I was the second only female printer in the company’s existence.

There were a few stabbings over the years. Not just in that shop but in the industry. I don’t know how to go about Old Nick’s but I will approach it at the time gently. 

Basically be ready to duck and get sworn at alot. There was no metoo, that glass ceiling wasn’t a cute metaphor millennials think is me being a bitchy feminist. I have the nostalgia because it was right before 9/11, before alot of things.

 The story of Carl and the pink t-shirt still is funny but very disturbing. 

Why just work when you can have an adventure, and possibly long term health effects. IT’S ART MAN!

I will keep adding to this story, the links available on my lounge page. Anyone who works in printing knows this shop. It is still notorious for crazy. I will be doing some of it as a premium or subscription. Not everyone needs to see that on a regular feed.

Much like the pink t-shirt.

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