After today…

I am as annoyed by atheists as I am Christians. Or maybe it is the fact online is a bloody sausage fest and I am throwing my hat in the ring.

Wow boys, ya sure are full of yourselves.

2 thoughts on “After today…

  1. explain? what part of being a man makes someone annoying? same question about atheists? you seem to be observing people from all walks of life can be unpleasant. I feel for you, I hate that about the internet too. Hope you find a space to speak your mind and make a difference!

    1. I lost my patience yesterday. I really do like the atheist community. I guess men are ok (*rolls eyes). I did have a fun stream with Sidney after I wrote this and hopefully we can do more in the future. I promise not to giggle the whole way thru😉it is scary getting on camera.

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