I was going to send a Sidney Hanukkah present BUT…

He’s an atheist. So no present.

Also considering how he treated me after I sent him a birthday treat he can get stuffed.

He doesn’t deserve my support emotional or financial. Maybe his Zionist buddies can send him a few coins.

He was a waste of money. I can recover some of it at taxes but I can’t get back the time.

And if they claim to be Canadian they should know when our Thanksgiving is. Pathetic Sid.

It’s so bad he isn’t even worth trolling.

I’m not the enemy. I’m not the bad guy. We really do need to come together to fight hate not embrace it.

Hopefully one day he will realize that.

I am indifferent now and perhaps that is the best gift I can give him. Money didn’t make him happy or attention or friendship. He will dig his own hole on YouTube. I won’t be around to see it.

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