Why I love live chats – Random numbers

I’m not the one on camera.

I can just talk.

Don’t worry, the aliens will return Elvis, Jesus and Bing Crosby to you.

Last time on camera little buddy

I can be myself in text.

I talk as fast as I type. I can be “me” in ways I can’t in camera.

I feel like I’m getting dissected like an autopsy more than my super salmon. I feel like I’m getting picked apart.

On text I can be me.

#34 is the standard law of the internet. At least my great pleasure for cartoon octopus will always be treasured. And I love confusing and trolling people on hentai. I think I enjoy that as much as the porn.

#37: trolling. I will get a sick pleasure of drawing out others emotions.

#538: there is no wrong way to nerd out on live chats.

Yes, after almost a decade on Google and YouTube I would say that #431 reason I love YouTube chats is because I’m a masochist. Tazers are so hard to find. If only Niantic didn’t sell out, that was a wonderful form of insanity and pain before Nintendo.

#59 I like trolling Americans. Maybe that should be closer to the top 10.

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