Death threats…ain’t my first rodeo.

“School Official Gets DEATH THREATS For Investigating Neo-Nazi Students” on YouTube

I got a few but bfullofcare was priceless.  To be fair you don’t hit on a potential ISIS bride when you are drunk. I didn’t care. I’m a troll and it was hilarious seeing how mad she would get at me.

Her g+ when it was a thing was shoes, tiny houses and guns. Sexy.

Guess I wasn’t her type.

I respect people who can focus their energy online. This woman had skills. I had a Jesus candle start spinning and turn black because we was so mad. Work off that rage you sexy beast you.

She did get a giggle of my sock account “bfullofherself”

She has such a beautiful voice but then she was so anti-Semitic and twisted it was a sport to piss her off.

Birmingham, UK. Nuff said.

It was all fun, even after the whole creepy candle thing until her boyfriend showed up.

He should have taken it as a compliment, someone thinks an evil witch like her is sorta hot.

So they told me, in graphic details how they were going to come to Canada to kill me. In Vancouver. Because it’s that small a town they had the mad skills to track me down…

in a city I didn’t live in. Winning much?

Hey, go to Richmond or Surry and brag about your “white privilege”!!! Have fun! If it wasn’t so dumb I would feel scared. Please come to Chinatown and say the (*bleep) they said online.

No, please come track down a fake name in a city of 4 million people and say how much you hate anyone who isn’t a white evangelical. Good luck eh. I wish I could make up this comedy …and it shouldn’t be funny.

I feel bad for normal people just trying to do their jobs.

They aren’t used to death threats. Ana nailed it.

I shouldn’t be so flip about a serious subject but if I live my life in fear, people like that do have a victory. Not in my lifetime however long the hours God gives me.

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