One of my favorite childhood movies*-*Earth Girls Are Easy

“Cause I’m a Blond” on YouTube. I totally forgot this song was in this movie. It caused such a stir as a kid because everyone thought it was hilarious. And maybe some would say not something a 9 year old should listen to. I knew it was parody even at a young age.

Julie was so cool. I knew I would never be beautiful. I was short and chubby. Julie never made me feel less. Like Sister Stevie off of Father Dowling’s.

Al used to say I was cute but would never be gorgeous, because that’s what a real man say to a 24 year old. Especially one who was essentially married to him.

It made me want to kill myself. Half the time I go through the motions of life and it takes everything in me not to walk out in the ocean until the waves take me.

Wow. If I’m that ugly I should do the world a favor and end it.

If my only worth is my appearance please send me a bullet.

Full movie for free!

Jim Carrey’s second movie. I had such a crush on him.

I think a huge part of me wishes for some alien to come down and think I’m special. Earth men are mean. It’s like I have to apologize I’m not more attractive. Or I’m too attractive and they can’t help themselves. Even if I threw on a burka I’d still be coveted and told I’m ugly and worthless.

Omg pick a lane or leave me alone.

I used to dream about someone sweeping me off my feet. I think it only happens in the movies.

Weird Sex & Snowshoes: And Other Canadian Film PhenomenaBook by Katherine Monk

I think I am getting friction online because I really did grow up in a different universe. Canadians have a very odd sense of humor. It’s not like a secret we are the “weird” kids on the global playground.

I might not be gorgeous as Al the giant disappointment said. Least I have “quirky” going for me.

Sometimes I wish I was either beautiful or dead. This movie reminded me I’m not totally worthless

Or at least I can pretend.

This was supposed to be a happy post. I don’t think Santa put that in my stocking.

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