Face masks DO harm children’s development: Study blames them for ‘significantly reduced’ development


We need to risk normal again.

We are losing a generation.

Kids learn from visual cues, social cues. I read one tweet the other day that made me cry

my daughter asked me if I had to wear a mask for a parent teacher conference. “No honey, it was on Zoom”

“what does she look like?”

How can the BC government or the federal government think this is ok to continue? Are you monsters?

I know so many older kids who will never grad. I know so many that tired to commit suicide. And these were “the good” kids, almost all church kids in one branch or another.

But that doesn’t matter to Dr.Henry’s models.

It doesn’t matter kids have lived in fear for two years. Dr.Herny would keep us like this another two. No problem. She already said she would. Doesn’t seem like the BC government is backing down.

It doesn’t matter to her the economic stress on families. She seems oblivious to the mess the city is in. I don’t blame her, I wouldn’t want to live in the core anymore. I think I have been downtown twice last year. Our psychotic mayor doesn’t “help” but she’s in someone’s pocket. Time will tell. We all know she is as corrupt as the NDP.

Either that or Helps is really that clueless. Gotta be something. Nobody is that stupid, except Trudeau.

The missed Christmases. The missed birthdays and weddings and funerals.

We need to start sacrificing for the kids, not the other way around.

I sincerely hope that The BC Government figures out who the emergency measures are against.

Taxpayers and their kids.

You are condoning war on your public.

Kids deserve a real life.

You lost my trust.

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