“I tip everybody”

My Blue Heaven (1990 film) – Wikipedia


I saw this in the theater when I was a kid. I like Steve and Rick. It was the end of an era. I guess as a Canadian kid I didn’t understand all the gangster stereotypes so the satire came out more.

I loved this movie. Going through the Goodfellas overlap of critiques of this film were some interesting reading. It’s a sweet cute movie. Why get into the academics when some things can stand on their own.

Watch it and have a laugh.

I miss movies. I want to go out to more. Restrictions ruined it. I must have some scene points saved up but no rush. I will be going back to skating at least ⛸️😎 next week. Enjoy it while it lasts. Fingers crossed on getting back to the ice and not totally bailing.

Films are fun but so is cardio

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