Things aren’t looking good for Dr.Bonnie

Here it starts, the house of cards is coming down in this province.

A little light reading before bed😱

“safe and effective”… doesn’t seem like it.

Dr.Henry knew early in 2021 that there might be a problem with the jab. But she still pushed it and the MSM sold the illusion. 

I’m still going through the emails. Thank God for Freedom Of Information.  It’s reading like a horror film.

Instead of taking a step back when adverse effects started being reported, it was the start of one of the biggest coverups in Canada’s history.

I keep wanting to tell myself she had our best interests at heart.  It’s hard to think we were lied to maliciously, that she went out of her way to harm the citizens of BC. 

I watched every update.  I think she was so genuinely excited she didn’t mind bending the truth a bit. What researcher wouldn’t be.  From the emails it seems like she was trying to follow up with cases. However, the rates reported in the emails are not within the threshold for being safe. This never should have been government mandated. This was pushed through too fast. She acted unethically and I am glad that the court cases against her are being taken seriously.

It’s time to end the mandates for good. It’s time for people to go back to their jobs including the nurses and public workers.

We all felt proud, we were “helping”. We were being kind. We weren’t being like the Americans. The level of discrimination against taxpayers for saying no has been toxic.  Charter rights to bodily autonomy should have been just as important, respected, not mocked.

We deserve answers.

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