T.h.e * S.m.i.t.h.s…Best ll (1992) on a morning commute

T.h.e * S.m.i.t.h.s…Best ll (1992): https://music.youtube.com/watch?v=TvGqoS0sIaU&feature=share

This came up randomly. Fits my mood. I’m sure binge watching Drop Dead Diva didn’t help. I cried most of yesterday. Great show, I might have been using it as an excuse for the waterworks. I’ve been depressed but it’s like I couldn’t cry. Tis the season.

Melancholy and romantic in a heartbroken way.

When I first listened to it in high school I wasn’t impressed. All the hype didn’t seem worth it. I was into metal, I wanted raw and hardcore.

Today it’s slightly magical.

The kick in the ass I needed.

The 14 year old me would be telling me to snap out of it. I have the life I wanted. It’s even better than she imagined.

I’ll put on something happier before work, but right now I want one more moment of grieving.

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