Cow stickers and a miro-penis

Yesterday when I picked up some beer at one of the local stores I noticed some stickers on the shelf.

I won’t name names but starts with P and ends in Co.

So I asked the clerk for one… HUGE MISTAKE!!!

I don’t know what is going on in this guy’s life but you figure working in the service industry he would be more polite, more accommodating. 

No, he’s the one whose store is his kingdom and he is a dictator. One of those guys who has nothing in his life so he takes out his insel frustrations on the rest of the world.

He’s always condescending and acts like everything is an emergency.

“You can’t have one, those are for kids, not big kids and my coworker buys them for the children”

“You’re no fun” I said and left.

It wasn’t the sticker, it was his tone. I haven’t had someone so rude to me in years.

I examined why I was upset. Of course the miro-penis psycho clerk pissed me off but then I started thinking…

“Why are kids in the store anyways, doesn’t it say NO MINORS on the door?”

If this was a grocery store or dentist office it’s cute to have treats. You are in the beer store less than 3 minutes. It’s not enough time for little Dick or Jane to be bored so you need stickers or toys to stop a tantrum.

I’m not saying people should leave their kids in the car, but this is a liquor store. An adult environment. Kids should be raised to realize it.

I’m sure the clerks mean well but should they be setting up a reward system for children in a place that is supposed to be for adults? Especially with something like alcohol?

In light of the recent Balenciaga scandal the answer should be a no. Maybe that is why I was mad. It’s not the lack of a sticker or respect, it’s the condoning of a larger system that exploits children.

Considering what I have spent there, a 10¢ sticker isn’t that much to ask.

Spent…. past tense.

I’m not going to complain to the company.

I’m going to vote with my dollars.

I think there are other beer stores whose employees appreciate paychecks.

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