Old post card

New postcard 🙏🪷

I got the old one at a sale. I wish I had the money to buy more.

The new one I got at the Seattle bus terminal. After a nightmare trip to Warped tour, I actually made it there with enough money to get back to the island (*praise Jesus).

There was an older man and woman. They were just getting back to the Okanagan and she couldn’t get her phone going to talk to her boyfriend. Her brother kept rolling his eyes. I talked to them, helped her get her phone going, she even had a little talk.

I pay attention in public. I could tell they were having trouble. I’m not afraid to say hi to people.

They may have looked like grandparents (*they were, proud ones, I saw all the pictures), they had a light energy like teenagers.

As many other angels looked over me on that trip, I got a moment of paying it forward.


May angels look after New Orleans. I had a weird feeling.

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