Upcoming live stream-the Great Canadian 🌿 review 2021

I have been planning and thinking about this stream for months. Marijuana is legal in Canada. It’s one of the best things Trudeau has done and he had to fight for it. Seeing the difference in Canada is huge. It’s not a big deal. It really is freedom.

I’m a little nervous because YouTube might send the ban hammer but it’s legal here. They let homophobia go and that’s illegal here. I will chance it.

I’m sooooo beyond sick of discussing religion. I need a break from the insanity of the theological philosophical cage matches.

I have been doing research not on just the green, but the stocks behind it. There are a few companies I wish I could buy more shares on, and a few that are overrated.

I made this! Took me around 30 hours.

I have tried to be on top of receipts so tax season isn’t going to be as much of a nightmare as I am preparing for.

After talking to CRA I almost need to roll two to calm down. I am going to have to schedule a video talk with an officer because my account is really screwed up. I tried to sort it out today but how can I give them the right information if I can’t even tell what the agent is saying on the phone.

I am usually pretty good with accents, this sounds so bad but I almost asked if there was someone who could speak English more clearly. But you can’t do that or you get some red sticker on your file for being racist instead of deaf. He could have been white, no idea the line was so bad and I’m trying to listen to him over the other calls going on. So I just hung up.

To my credit I hung up before I started swearing. I consider that progress with the anger management. I’m not entirely hopeless.

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