Amazing Birthday

One more year to the glue factory

I’m celebrating on a Friday night with…. laundry and dishes 🤣 getting all crazy after a happy meal, I went all out tonight.

That’s where I spent my 30th birthday.  I miss Monty’s. And the Fox.

I thought I was so old then.

Now it’s like winning the lottery to still be alive.

cleaning music 🎉🍺💃

I have a beautiful apartment (once I organize 🤦)

I have a job I’m excited about, I haven’t been this excited about work in a long time even if I have to be up at 4 and work weekends. It’s worth it. It’s even more than the money. I know how hard everyone else works. It’s fun. It’s getting paid to work out.

After the stress of printing it’s kinda a zen place.

Wonderful friends and family. I absolutely got spoiled this year.

I’m blessed.

No matter what happens in Canada I will get thru it.

Truth and Reconciliation Day 2021

I’m including this so people don’t think I’m insensitive this year. Every day I think about reconciliation. It’s hard not to.

Today was a victory for everyone ☺️🇨🇦❤️

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